The word ‘VoIP‘ frightened the hell out of me – it sounded just too damn ‘technical’ for a person like me. I was wrong, and my fear was costing me BIG money!
How does saving around $900.00 per year sound to you?

My Bell Canada home phone bill was $93.04 per month. Now, my monthly phone bill is about $11.50 CDN (less than just the taxes of my Bell bill) because I use AcroVoices ‘Just-a-Phone’ plan.
A saving of  $978.48 per year!

With google voice can you call for free in US and Canada?

When in US, google voice allows free calling to canadian landline and cell phone?


Is that right, no fees at all?

So if you have a data plan in US you dont really need international calling plan to call canada?

Does the google voice app drains a lot of battery?

Using an Obi ATA

Buy an Obi, watch these two videos and you’ll be making free phone calls using Google Voice in minutes!

The examples are for an Obi 202 but the steps are the same for any Obi model.
Video # 1 – Connecting an Obi ATA to the internet:

Video # 2 – Setting up Google Voice on an Obi ATA:

What could be easier?

Google Voice Alternative for Canada ?

I have a US ( T-Mobile ) Number that i am using on Roaming. I want to start using a local Canadian Number to avoid roaming charges, without compromising a proper US number for texting, Calling etc.. Fongo seems to be the best option. Any other thoughts ?

Google Voice Canada loophole and Google Hangouts Dialer

Google Voice has been available for several years, but it's U.S.-only. It gives you a free U.S. phone number that can forward calls for free to any other U.S. number, and includes SMS, voicemail and optional automatic voicemail-to-text-email transcription. You can pay for international long distance, but GV itself is free and always has been. You can sign up for GV using any existing Google account and a VPN. Just go to https://voice.google.com. But there's a catch: GV has no web phone app, it must link to an existing valid phone number, and that phone must be a U.S. number. Google makes a verification call to that number and you must answer and enter the 2-digit verification code they give you online. They will not accept a non-U.S. phone number, and you cannot create the GV account in the first place without an initial U.S. home number. You can use a VoIP account with a U.S. phone number, but a loophole that existed early on was that Google accepted 403 as a U.S. area code.

How to get Google Voice in Canada

And to think I had to go through the hassle of putting in my T-Mobile SIM card tonight just to get a Google Voice number.


The following is a very helpful link a commenter provided which has all sort of tips and tricks on IP telephony:

  1. Setting up Google Voice in Canada
  2. Free long distance on your cell phone using mobile minutes
  3. Free long distance on your Android phone using data
  4. Free long distance on your iPhone using data
  5. Get a landline with no monthly costs
  6. Get a cell phone plan for $10 / month with unlimited calling, texting and 50mb of data
  7. Using the Google Voice app

Set up Google Voice in Canada

Google Voice Overview

Google Voice is one of the greatest innovations in telephony. I am a huge fan of it and I have used it to pretty much nullify my phone bills, or at least drastically reduce them. Google Voice fixes many of the annoyances that people have with telephones now, as well as helps to use current communication technology to connect us at a very low price.

Some of the things I hate doing is checking my voicemail through the phone system and monitoring how many text messages or daytime minutes I have left. I particularly hate not knowing if a call is going to cost me long distance charges or not. I’ll show you how to use some of Google Voice’s features to reduce your telephone costs in Canada and in the US including getting free long distance in Canada (even from your cell phone) and getting a telephone line at home through VOIP (data).
This post will be about how to set up your Google Voice account, even when you are not in the US.

Some of my favorite features of Google Voice are:

    Free Long Distance calling
between US and Canada
    Unlimited text messaging
    Transcribed voicemail

You can check out all the great features of Google Voice here.

Google Voice is a service that has been designed for people in the US to have cheaper telephony. As a result, it is not “supported” for use in Canada and there are some extra steps required to set it up when you are outside the US.

The steps are as follows:

    Ensure you have a US phone number
    Ensure you have a US IP address
    Set up a Google Voice account at voice.google.com

Google Voice closed the 403 CANADA loophole

I see that Google Voice will no longer allow call forwarding to the 403 area code (my Freephoneline number). I got a notice last month that I would have to re-verify the number by May 15, and Google won't let me do it, reports it as an out-of-country number. The existing forwarding still works, but only for another week.

Google Voice guide

This guide contains a complete end-to-end update of our 2013 Google Voice guide, chock full of new ideas, completely new articles, and amazing tips.

You'll learn how to port your landline to Google Voice, how to set up phone handsets, how to integrate Google Voice into your iPhone and Android experience, how to set up a multi-line office, how to get the most out of using Google Voice and SMS, and even how to use Google Voice effectively and safely in your car, and lots more.

So brew up a cup of coffee or your favorite tea, grab a few snacks, and prepare to discover how plain 'ol phone calls are about to be transformed into something virtually indistinguishable from magic.
What is Google Voice?

Let's get started with a quick overview of the service itself. Google Voice provides a number of unique features that will transform how you receive and make phone calls and text messages.
The Google Voice number

To me, the single most valuable feature of Google Voice is its ability to separate your phone number from your phone service. This is a big step beyond number portability, and here's why.