How to get Google Voice in Canada

And to think I had to go through the hassle of putting in my T-Mobile SIM card tonight just to get a Google Voice number.

The following is a very helpful link a commenter provided which has all sort of tips and tricks on IP telephony:
  1. Setting up Google Voice in Canada
  2. Free long distance on your cell phone using mobile minutes
  3. Free long distance on your Android phone using data
  4. Free long distance on your iPhone using data
  5. Get a landline with no monthly costs
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  7. Using the Google Voice app

I have been trying to verify Canadian numbers with GV but no luck. So, I just setup the GV along with the VOXOX free US number which can forward calls to multiple phones including Canadian number. It takes one extra step but hopefully it will work. Has anyone tried it ?

UPDATE 2015 ::
If your cell plan includes free unlimited call to the US, GV still works
I believe that defeats the purpose of using GV
Skype has N. Am. calling at $3/month and you may have a U S # too
I have an ephone 416# (from Comwave) too that used to call any N. Am.# free too. But it is no longer free (2 cents/min ) and its quality sucks

How so, please explain? You can no longer add Canadian numbers to your google account. So, even if you get an American number added, the google voice relay will forward to that number. What do you do with that?

You can use your PAP2T for Google Voice + freephoneline at the same time too.

You need to register your Google Voice at to have SIP account and use it with the second line of PAP2

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