Google Voice Alternative for Canada ?

I have a US ( T-Mobile ) Number that i am using on Roaming. I want to start using a local Canadian Number to avoid roaming charges, without compromising a proper US number for texting, Calling etc.. Fongo seems to be the best option. Any other thoughts ?

If you able to get data/internet in Canada then you could continue using your Google Voice from Hangouts app.

Hangout on Android is horrible. You can hear clear, other end cannot hear you well. Known issue:-( On PC - fine, on phone-does not work.

I am using GrooveIP (now not though Google, it is through RingoTo). Not perfect, but way better than Hangout.

Don't forget magicjack

Skype is a paid option $3/mth for N Am calling . Text is extra though. Sound quality is good. with a soft phone app. Assuming, of course, you have a smart phone. 
 This is the best option.

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