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Google voice in Canada is possible. If you are wondering how to get the service in Canada, AND how to make Free unlimited outgoing and incoming calls from Google voice. Then, look no further! I have been holding off on this article because I wanted to try a couple of methods first and see which one is the fastest one… and make sure that you don’t get any extra carrier charges. The way I explain it is the simplest way so far, and has been followed successfully by many  (see comments below) if you have other ideas or are having trouble using Google Voice in Canada, then please post a comment.

Important: Google Voice is not “officially” available in Canada. This shows you how to register and use a Google Voice number by using a “glitch” in Google Voice service by signing up with a free 403(alberta) number. This will Enable you to make unlimited calls to US and Canada for FREE when you use the mobile site from your cell phone, or Google voice App to initiate calls. This means, you should have an unlimited incoming plan to take FULL advantage of this. Please re-read that and understand it to avoid any long-distance charges. Read comments below, or ask if you are not sure. Now, let’s dig into the fun part!

First Step: Log in with your Google account, there is no need for an invite.
First time you try to login to Google voice in Canada, there will be an error message saying that it’s not available in your country. To bypass that you will need to install hotspotshield so you can get a US IP address (Don’t worry, it’s free and you can uninstall the program later.) Please check that you have a US IP by clicking here. Great now you are able to log in!
Second step: Get a free 403 number
Head over to freephoneline; they will be able to provide you a free Alberta number. Google Voice allows for Alberta numbers is some kind of glitch. The set up is pretty straight forward on Free Phone line, but here is a Quick Guide: Once you set up the account, log in to your account and go to the forward tab. From there choose Follow me and forward to a Canadian Cell or home number (Your personal number where you want it to ring). Also remember to download their program for authentication purposes of Free Phone Line and Google Voice. Again, you can uninstall the program later.
Third step: Google voice setup

Setting up the account is pretty straight forward. There will be steps for authentication; you don’t need to worry about the last one to set up for voice mail. You will be able to click “cancel” at the last step to finish the set up (don’t worry about the provider just click cancel). Make sure the 403 number you got is setup in Google voice as the number that rings, and that you set up your free US Google voice number under settings.
Fourth step: Testing your Google voice number
Dial your GV number and see if you receive the call on your Canadian mobile! If so, congratulations !! If not, then troubleshoot the GV settings. Most people forget to set the 403 number as the one that rings, or forget to setup their GV US number. Read comments for troubleshooting guide, or ask a question if you get stuck.
Final step: FREE calls to the US and Canada
Now you’re probably wondering gee, that’s all great but HOW do I make unlimited calls to the US and Canada for FREE with the Google voice service? Easy! Nothing too special, simply log in to Google voice with your mobile device here to initiate a call. The other alternatives are that you download the Google Voice Callback Free App (Android Phones Only). Once logged in click on CALL and dial the number, once you press the call number Google voice will call your cell phone and connect you through. OR you can make call straight from the computer, by logging in to Google voice. This is where you need to make sure you have unlimited incoming from your service provider, to be able make calls all over Canada and US for free.

update Aug 2014

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