Google Voice closed the 403 CANADA loophole

I see that Google Voice will no longer allow call forwarding to the 403 area code (my Freephoneline number). I got a notice last month that I would have to re-verify the number by May 15, and Google won't let me do it, reports it as an out-of-country number. The existing forwarding still works, but only for another week.

They plugged it for new sign-ups, but left it in place for those of us who managed to set it up originally. I could forward GV to the Freephoneline 403 number, and then forward it anywhere else in Canada from there.
Is your Canadian number being dropped? I have had the google voice number dropped in one of my accounts due to inactivity. The rationale provided was that they want to free up dormant numbers for others to use. I just had to add one back. Ever since losing the number, I regularly use hangouts dialer to make a call to reset the clock. As for my own Canadian numbers, I am not aware that they are threatened in any way. They are my numbers and dormancy doesn't affect google. BTW, the Canadian numbers I have registered are 416 and 647 area code. 

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